In Rio de Janeiro the outdoors and specifically the beach replace the cafes and clubs as a place of social interaction. Here introductions are made between cariocas and visitors alike, new
projects discussed, and deals and plans are made. People flirt, catch up on the latest gossip and find out what the party for the evening will be.
These many microcosms are of course weather dependent. Cariocas specifically hardly venture to the beach on a cloudy day, most people who are on the beach on an over cast day are tourists. To give these tribes their own alphabet the project "Alfabeto" was created. 26 pictures of the rising sunshot through a drop of whater which distorts the light enough to give each form of the sun a distinct shape.
The project exists as a limited edition(100) photo-book as well as a set of print. These 26 small prints can be used to illustrate the whole alphabet or to write poems and haikus about your latest beach experience.