All the evil
in men


French philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662) stated in his most celebrates work, the "Pensées", that "All the evil in men comes from one thing, and one thing alone, his inability to remain still in a room."
The human body is made of 65% water, the ocean is never still, we deduct that one reason of our inablity of stillness, is pure physics.This edition tries to explore the, at times, so subtle differences of all things in movement.
One of the characteristics of photography is to stop the constant movement, the moment, but at the same time these memories inform new experiences.
Our memories informs us on all types of waves and conditions of water, yet each is unique, just as a photograph has a different significance for everybody and also changes in different conditions of the viewer.

Each of the 2012 original prints has a QR code the viewer can scan with a mobile phone (use e.g. QR Reader App), it will point to the site where all the images are joined into a stop motion video.