The starting idea of ​​this series are layers and liquids. Photography is basically full of layers and liquids, from the film surface to the layers of the image sensor in digital cameras to the coating of photographic papers, old and new. From chemicals in classic photography to inks of modern inkjet printers.
The series Stardust takes the layering literally. a part of the series are images that combine photographs of different image carriers (printing plates, prints, photographs) to create a new almost totally abstract image. The human urge to look for something recognizable in pictures is only partially being attended to, here and there are still recognizable halftones of images but the original images are hidden in the mostly layers only to create another image.
Another part of the series takes photographs of frozen flowers, which in turn were photographed from the screen of a tablet, including the fingerprints on the screen. Here the complexity of time, nature and technology is in play.
In the Hexaptych of compacted metal, the layering of time and process is present. The metal objects that were designed by an engineer or designer on paper at some point and were compacted from the manufacturing process through to their use and finally for recycling return to the delicate surface of the paper.